My name is ZhaoXiaoli

"Rural migrant worker, impoverished farmer. Born in the 1980s in Hebei, a mountain dweller. Currently employed as a senior engineer in the field of AV equipment in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province.

The elders in my hometown all thought I got a good job in a reputable company. Word spread, and people came to my house, urging me to help their children get jobs in my company. However, when I told them that our company pays a fixed salary, doesn't provide meals or accommodation, doesn't pay based on output, and requires unpaid overtime every day, they left in despair.

Since childhood, I've been an idealistic person with big dreams. I aspired to become a scientist when I grew up, a dream yet to be fulfilled. After all, I'm just in my thirties, and I still haven't grown up.

My life is mediocre, my future uncertain, and my emotions empty. I lack societal recognition, live without goals, and am discontent with the impoverished life but don't know what to do.

In the past years, I've borne too much loneliness and sorrow. I've often lingered in a small inn across from the internet cafe, a place that brought me much sadness. I watched my beloved girl gradually disappear at the end of the inn, causing deep heartache."

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